My Retro Homepage

For this week, I utilized my time by working on my retro homepage. I honestly freaked out way more than I should’ve because this project was actually very entertaining trying to learn different elements to try to make it like I want

My vision for this page was to try to utilize the phrase “Pushin P” which is a term becoming popular by the rap artist, Gunna. I chose to use the background color lime green because that is most of the time the color associated with Gunna’s brand.

I then found a way to make a Text/Gif of my website title to add to the top so it looks more stylish! There is also a Gif of a smiley face that a lot of people enjoyed as they access it.

The one thing I learned to teach to my group but also because I wanted to add to my site is Audio. I wanted viewers to hear the actual song when they entered into my website.

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