Weekly Summary 3

I am not going to lie, this feels like the first week of classes for me since I wasn’t able to really attend the first 2 due to COVID. That has really put me behind and I feel like I am playing catch up right now with everything. The one thing I recall from this week that stood out to me was hypertext. I am consistently exposed to hypertext every time I enter into the web. At first I didn’t see the importance of them, but now looking at it, it makes things much easier. Being able to jump from one source to another just by a click of the text makes things much easier.

Also, we worked on creating our retro homepage on Friday and it was slightly interesting learning how some basic coding works.

I am going to work on getting better notes done for this class and really engaging in the work now since I’m able to attend in person. I know I am capable of it and will definitely not shy away from it.

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